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Free Sheet Music | Co-op Music

Free sheet music prepared for your harmonica learning by Co-op Music.

Download the sheet music and learn a new piece now!

London Bridge | Staff Notation | Sheet Music | Co-op

Co-op Harmonica

Song Title: London Bridge

Notation Method: Staff Notation

London Bridge | Staff Notation | Free Sheet Music

London Bridge | Staff Notation | Free Sheet Music

Download the Sheet Music for Free

Download the free sheet music of "London Bridge" (Notation: Staff), an English Folk Song.

Prepared for your harmonica learning by Co-op Music.


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The ebook contains sheet music of six pieces adopted from the book "150 Songs for Miniature Harmonica". 
Each of the sheet music has a QR code attached to its lower right-handed corner linking to the relevant demo video on Youtube. The sheet music has no watermark on it.

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FOLK - Week Three - Staff Notation

Method of Notation: Staff


The following 6 folk songs have been covered:

1) London Bridge

2) Mary Had a Little Lamb

3) Waltz

4) Annie Laurie

5) Little Birds Flying

6) Travelling

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Collaboration Partner: 

Ausgelassen Art Academy

Book Title: "150 Songs for Miniature Harmonica

Publisher: Ausgelassen Art Academy

Authors: SETO Andy Wood-hung; LEUNG Raymond Siu-kei

Editor: LAU Grace Suk-yee